Automation for your GNU/Linux workstation!

Anarres is a collection of Ansible roles and playbooks, and aims at automating (as much as possible) the setup of:

  • bare metal GNU/Linux workstations;
  • virtual GNU/Linux machines, with the help of VirtualBox and Vagrant.

This project started as a way of tracking all the packages and libraries I install on my Arch Linux hosts for daily and occasional usage:

  • a desktop environment,
  • some text editors,
  • my dotfiles,
  • a whole bunch of programming languages, interpreters, libraries, and debugging symbols,
  • network, filesystem and performance utilities,
  • multimedia players and editing software,
  • etc.

It eventually turned into an experiment to see how much of a desktop setup could be automated, which proved to be extremely useful to spin development GNU/Linux virtual machines while working on a Windows workstation.